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OpenSoundLab (2020–)

OpenSoundLab makes modular sound patching three dimensional in a mixed reality experience using Meta Quest’s passthrough mode. Patch simple or complex sound machines in your bed room, your studio or in the field. Learn the foundations of creative sound work through video tutorials that are placed right within your patch.

OpenSoundLab is a fork of Logan Olson’s magnificent SoundStage VR. OpenSoundLab enhances the original version so that it is better suited for performing in the context of experimental electronic sound and music, to make it feel less like a game and more like an actual sound laboratory. We recreate the experience of working in spatial setups, but without being bound to mimicking the physical past. Where are the limits of the digital realm, and where are its sweet spots?

The project is partially funded by an educational grant of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (IDCE FHNW).

Project team: Hannes Barfuss, Ludwig Zeller

The source-code is available at Github.