Life Is Good For Now

Life Is Good For Now (2015)

The project offers a speculative view on a Switzerland that decided to realize the right for informational self-determination. In four scenarios that are narrated through objects and speech from the perspectives of inhabitants of that world the cultural potential and consequences of Big Data in the context of medicine, property and literature are exemplified.

Figure 6: The isolation chamber allows for an ideal exposure ...

New Needs in an Augmented World (2011)

The objects Dromolux, Optocoupler and Introspectre explore the future world of “digital natives”: the generation growing up with 21st century modern technology. It is visualized how information technology not only provides increasing power and knowledge, but also leads to unforeseen changes in traits, social interactions and self-conceptions.


EUR/CHF (2011)

The project is a real-time visualization of the exchange rate between Euro and the Swiss Franc. It was shown as a contribution to the media facade event at the Manor warehouse in Basle in 2011.

Figure 1:  By connectinc speaker cylinders to the tracks an audio repository is made audible

Open Circuit (2006-2011)

A silent labyrinth created out of open copper trails on the floor carries the electrical signals of a multichannel sound repository. By putting wireless speaker-cylinders on them, the carried sound layers can become audible and the interpretation by the visitors gets possible.

Figure 1: A traveller is submitting a saliva probe after return from an overseas country

Gene Collect (2010)

The goal of this speculative project series is the embedding of recent developments in biology and informatics into conceptual future scenarios. The methods of the field have been analysed in collaboration with system biologists of Imperial College London.




Panel Chair at DGTF Summit

2018 November
Karlsruhe / Germany

Under Pressure at Q21

2018 September, Vienna / Austria

Lecture at Plan D

2018 September, Zagreb / Croatia

Constructed Realities

2018 June, Basel / Switzerland

Critical by Design?

2018 May, Basel / Switzerland

Lecture at RIXC Festival

2017 October, Riga / Latvia

Artist talk at NODE ’17

2017 June, Frankfurt / Germany

Exhibition at HEK

2016 April, Basel / Switzerland

Keynote at SDN Unfrozen

2016 January, Interlaken / Switzerland

Poetics and Politics of Data

2015 May – August, H3K, Basel / Switzerland

2015 November – 2016 March, Pfäffikon / Zürich

Lecture at Humboldt Universität

2015 April, Berlin / Germany

HCII 2014

2014 July, Crete / Greece


2014 April, Belgrade / Serbia

Workshop at ZHdK

2014 January, Zurich / Switzerland

Synthesize Conference

2013 September, Basel / Switzerland

New Talents Biennale

2012 May, Köln / Germany

Carrefour des Possible

2011 December, Mulhouse / France

MANOR video wall

2011 December, Basel / Switzerland

Lodz Design 2011

2011 October, Lodz / Poland

FILE Festival

2011 July – August, Sao Paulo / Brazil

HCI International

2011 July, Orlando / USA

FILE Games

2011 April – May
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Exhibition at MU

2010 November – 2011 January
Eindhoven / UK

DAAD stipend

2010 October

Exhibition at Arnolfini

2010 September – November, Bristol / UK

Performance at Barbican

2010 March, London / UK

f/stop festival

2009 July, Leipzig / Germany

Sigchi 2009

2009 April, Boston / USA

technarte conference

2009 April, Bilbao / Spain

Linux Audio Conference

2009 March, Köln / Germany

testlab @ v2_

2009 January, Rotterdam / Netherlands

Yahoo! Design Expo

2007 July, Sunnyvale / USA

Residency at Hong Kong University

2007 April, Hong Kong / China

MakeArt Festival

2007 February, Poitiers / France

Linux Audio Conference

2007 February, Berlin / Germany