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Short CV of Ludwig Zeller

In my practice I am interested in exploring the relationship between technologies and culture through a multitude of artistic and scholarly perspectives. I enjoy blurring the supposedly clear, disciplinary borders between art, design and the humanities. I have worked as a designer and artist since 2005 and joined the board of the Academy of Art and Design Basel in 2011.

As a lecturer at the HGK FHNW I encourage my students to probe the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of new (and old!) technologies. In my personal research, I put emphasis on the narrative qualities of fictional design artifacts and speculative scenarios. Strategies for creating awareness and reflection of our status quo as well as the discussion of the relationship between society and technology are key points for my explorations.

Image credit: Nicole Müller

Selected articles

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Ludwig Zeller (2020). “Die Affekterwartungen der materialisierten Kritik”. In: Matters of Communication. Formen und Materialitäten gestalteter Kommunikation. Edited by Axel Vogelsang, Sabine Foraita. Bianca Herlo. Bielefeld: transcript. 165–175. 

Ludwig Zeller (2020). “Multidimensionale Prothesen. Refining the Oil of the 21st Century”. In: form 285. 54–59. 

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